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About Los Perales Ecolodge


Natural scene with special attention.


Los Perales Hotel is located in the rural perimeter closer to the city of Cusco and 57 km. At an altitude of 2615 meters (1000 mts. Unless the Cusco), where you can enjoy and explore the exotic nature of the Urubamba Valley , running an eco-trail that will let you know our forest, which contains a diversity of flora and fauna composed especially for birds and butterflies.

In his morning you can enjoy magnificent sunsets in a haze filled with warm natural environment, with a service that will make your stay a memorable one tourist destination in Rural Cusco.

A traditional architectural design with all the comforts of a hotel that will allow you and your family to enjoy a truly rural escape.

Peace of mind for today's executives to achieve successful meetings in this becoming full of changes.

Thinking about our variety of clients and for your rest is complete we offer a relaxing body massages in a perfect environment.

Be amazed by the colors and aromas of our land. Venture to explore nature in our eco-trail and see the varied landscapes of the valley


Los Perales Hostal - Ecolodge

Address: Pasaje Arenales 102, urubamba

Phone: +51 084 201151 | 928289566

Email: info@ecolodgeurubamba.com

Website: http://www.ecolodgeurubamba.com